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Make It With JMC 

The JMC Academy has just launched an exciting new initiative for their student body which brings together students from their different courses involving music, business management, animation, game development and TV production to work on collaborative commercial projects – and in doing so get real world experience. You may have already heard their first efforts, a series of commercials for ARN and Austereo. The second project has students from game development, animation and digital design creating a bespoke line of t-shirts for the merchandise store.

Integrating real world skills and experience, particular an understanding of how each creative stream plays a role in producing an end product is something that the JMC Academy puts a high value. “We felt the best way to give our students this opportunity was to involve them in pitching concepts for a series of real commercial projects we had on scope. Instead of financially rewarding external providers, we were able to remunerate our students for the same work with potentially more honest and better outcomes” said Head of Marketing and Branding Karen Markakis.

With the valuable and tangible skills that the students learn from this initiative you can expect to see them head out into the real world creative space and become valuable members of the arts community in any manner of genres from television, stage, music or technological creative industries.