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This film adaption of the National Theatre’s production by the same name musically showcases the effects the 2006 Ipswich prostitute murders had on the local community.

Described as a musical, mystery and a thriller – London Road is seemingly a documentary in the opening sequences, as middle class residents of London Road are interviewed before the musical elements set in.

The exact words from actual interviews revealing the community’s lingering paranoia and unease are transformed into chilling and unsettling songs, incorporated into many overwhelming musical numbers.

The murdered girls and serial killer Steve Wright are only mentioned, as this is the story of the local community, their attempt to rid the area of prostitutes, the bleakness after the bodies were discovered and their resilience for new beginnings.

Movie-goers who detest contemporary musicals may be pleasantly surprised by the innovative approach, the catchy tunes and choreography in this haunting and triumphant film. (MMo)