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An incredibly powerful and significant documentary, so intense and visually disturbing at times, that audiences will be compelled throughout.

After thousands of years of living together on the same planet, why are we unable to live in peace? Why are there senseless wars in which millions of innocent people perish? Why do humans show little compassion towards other living creatures, inhumanely slaughtering for food with little regard towards their suffering?

Presented in chapters with an unparalleled cast of 101 celebrity narrators including Helen Mirren and Ben Kingsley, this insightful documentary details the Earth’s creation, what it means to be human and ultimately concludes that all life forms are interconnected.

Footage of suffering amongst humans and the animal kingdom is the most graphic ever presented on film, and effectively shocks audiences into the realization that humanity needs to transform if we are to live in unison. (MMo)


Screening from August 12, George St Cinemas and Palace Chavel & Norton St. $20. Tickets & Info: and