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Mystery Musical - Seymour Centre

A clue of whats to come: image from Mystery Musical #1 (Bye Bye Birdie). Photo by Amelia Burns.

Imagine sitting in a room knowing full well that you are supporting the show you are about to see, as well as the performers and future productions. You don’t know exactly what it is you are about to watch but as the curtain opens, the music chimes in and as the performance begins you grin from ear to ear. You recognise that what you’ve paid for is a classic that is set to entertain. Squabbalogic presents Mystery Musical #2, a fundraising performance by some of Australia’s most well-known theatre performers including Ali Calder (Wicked, Legally Blonde).

Squabbalogic is an independent theatre company that has been producing small scale quirky, off-beat musicals since 2006. Artist Director, Jay James-Moody estimates that 15 productions have been made over the years. Mystery Musical 2 is set to be stripped back, showcasing theatre royalty as well as up and comers. He says: “People won’t be disappointed. It’s a really unusual experience but the last one was simply joyous… and we expect his one to be the same”

This is a one night only event.

Friday August 7, 7.30pm. The Seymour Centre, City Road, Chippendale. $35-$95. Tickets & info:


By Jemma Clarke


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