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Sperm Donors Anonymous

Sperm Donors Anonymous, an upcoming documentary by Sensible Films Production for ABC Television, tells the heart wrenching and inspiring tale of the effects of anonymous sperm donations.

The documentary centres around the stories of four donor-conceived adults searching for their biological fathers – Myf Cummerford, Michael Griffiths, Ross Hunter and Jeff Springfield. It is not just the children that are affected by sperm donation though, as evidenced by the deeply moving story of Ian Smith, a donor who is open to meeting his biological offspring and haunted by the likelihood of never having the chance to meet them.

The documentary raises some serious moral and ethical dilemmas that I am sure the vast majority of the community has never even considered. With the growing pace of medical fertility advancements today, I highly recommend watching this documentary and considering the implications some of our decisions could have in the not too distant future. (JA)

Screening on ABC, Tuesday Aug 18, 9:20pm