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Hello Bookcase, Hello Library

Hello Bookcase, an initiative with an innovative website, has expanded and developed an exhibition known as Hello Library. Hello Library aims to discover why people attend libraries, what they are reading and why they love books. The collection has been put together by Leigh Russell and features photography by Kathy Luu. An opening night will be presented at the Surry Hills Library and ongoing exhibitions will be shown at all the City of Sydney libraries.

Hello Bookcase is a website that interviews creative people about what is on their bookshelf. It delves deeply in to what these people love to read. It is believed you can tell a lot about a person based on their favourite book. The creators of the website, Leigh Russell and Kathy Luu were offered the great opportunity to expand their project into the City of Sydney libraries. Over many months they interviewed staff and members of the library to find what they were reading and why. This exhibition delves into the mind of readers and discovers what they love. With many interviews from people of all walks of life, it is the perfect exhibition for all book lovers. (LB)

Opening Night: August 13, 6:30 – 8pm. Surry Hills Library. FREE. Info:


By Lauren Bell

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