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This 15th century English morality play has been adapted into a dynamic and vibrant version for a new generation of theatre-goers, and also transformed into a cinematic event. A performance in the National Theatre Live in London was captured and filmed in HD.

The titular character of the ‘Everyman’ (Chiwetel Ejiofor) has sinned, partied, dabbled in drugs and experienced envy, gluttony and lust. When death comes calling he must confront his maker and desperately searches for anybody who can speak in his defense.

Oscar nominated Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave) takes the audience on an emotional journey, delivering a powerfully superb performance in this visually stunning, dark, and humorous production which is told in song, dance and movement.

Everyman represents the ordinary individual and audiences should easily identify with him. He re-evaluates his life – how was it and how should it have been?

Movie-goers will marvel at this unique and innovative approach in film-making, which includes a behind the scenes look at the rehearsals and interviews with the director and choreographer. (MMo)



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