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When your face is as scarred as mine is, it becomes difficult to successfully grow a beard. Fortunately, there are only seldom situations where beards come in handy, such as when shrouding your identity after a bank heist, or when tucking into one of the artery-clogging staples at Paddington’s Cheekyburger. The graffiti-plastered courtyard creates a salubrious environment to enjoy a few Brooklyn Lagers whilst getting plastered yourself, and having discussions surrounding how you knew about this place way before it was cool. Falling in line with the recent, (yet all-too-welcome) trend of American style diners, this new inner-east hipster lair offers anything from cheeseburgers, to deep fried pickles, or mac’n’cheese. The ironically nonchalant menu design persuades you to expect service from a girl on roller skates; but that doesn’t happen. The Double Cheeseburger ($14.99) with the necessary addition of Bacon ($1.99) lives up to the hype, and will make you think of it days later, like that one-night stand that you’re thinking of texting again. My date had the ‘Shroom Burger ($12.99), which was magic; but not in the way some mushrooms can be. I could take or leave the Deep Fried Pickles ($6.99), but let’s be honest, that’s not what we came for. Wear tight jeans, but prepare to unbutton.

312 Oxford Street, Paddington
Ph: (02) 9331 7436
Burgers $

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