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Black Eye Gallery Presents: Extracts by McLean Stephenson

Black Eye Gallery Darlinghurst is proud to present Sydney photographer Mclean Stephenson’s latest solo exhibition, coinciding with the release of his photo book Extracts. The Gallery’s commitment to representing the photographic artform and all lens-based media is well established, and it is the perfect venue for showcasing this artist who is on the cutting edge of his medium.

Mclean Stephenson is an Australian photographer who has been specialising in music and performance photography since 2009. Stephenson is well-known in the music industry, working with such performers as Alex Cameron, PVT, Megan Washington, Isabella Manfredi and Jack Ladder.

Shooting on a variety of film formats and taking a more hands-on approach toward his medium, Stephenson invites his viewers to see the disturbances and physical transformations that take place in the creation of the images. Stephenson is more than just documenting live performance here, his technical knowledge combined with his unique artistic vision elicit not only visual responses but move the viewer on a subjective, visceral level, transporting the viewer to a performance as it felt to be there.

Until August 16. Black Eye Gallery, 3/138 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst. Entry is free. Info:

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