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What is the matter with Mary Jane?

Credit: Jodie Hutchinson

This August, the Seymour Centre presents the revival of What is the matter with Mary Jane? An empowering play about disordered eating. Originally performed a decade ago, it tells the story of a woman struggling with anorexia, bulimia and the need to over-exercise from the age of 16 through to 28. Created by Sancia Robinson and Wendy Harmer, this four night run is directed by Robinson.

The deeply personal story is close to Sancia Robinson’s heart. After suffering for twelve years with eating disorders, she fells privileged to share her journey with others. The wonderful Gabrielle Savrone portrays the young woman in this play, covering Robinson’s years of struggle. The play is wonderfully written and is a tool to educate young women and men about anorexia and bulimia. Robinson states that the main message of the play is for sufferers to realise that help is out there. Whether they speak to their doctor or the Butterfly Foundation, realise that they are not alone.

Due to adult content, minimum age for the audience is 16. (LB)

August 4 – 8, Wed- Fri 10:30am and 7pm, Sat-2pm and 7pm. Reginald Theatre, corner of City Road & Cleveland Street, Chippendale. $20-$25. Tickets & info:

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