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The Dapto Chaser

Dapto Chaser Noel Hodda - photo by Brett Boardman

The greyhound racing industry has had a bad rap in the Australian media recently, with views that go so far as to cry injustice and animal cruelty, through to families who argue that their lives could be turned upside down if the industry were to shut down. Cue Mary Rachel Brown’s big-hearted theatre show: The Dapto Chaser. You can laugh along at a comedy that gets its hands dirty and the adrenaline running, exploring a family whose hearts and cash are tied into the controversial dog racing sub-culture.

Main character Jimmy is the ‘black sheep’ of the Sinclair family. Lacking the ‘die-hard dog person’ traits that his other family members possess, his decisions cause some interesting relational conflicts that test the bounds of love, fear and commitments between the family.

The family is heavily tied into the greyhound race track that is managed by Arnold. Played by Noel Hodda, Arnold has a vendetta toward them, and is the boss and arch nemesis of Jimmy – but don’t think for a second he is all evil and dark. You will find yourself laughing at him. “He is such an obsessive person… people look at him and think he is ridiculous,” explains Hadda. (JC)

Until July 24. Griffin Theatre, 13 Craigend St, Darlinghurst. $30-$38. Tickets & info: or 02 9361 3817


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