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The Cooch Tent

There is a new burlesque in town. It’s called The Cooch Tent, and it’s here to dazzle your senses.

Promising a seductive evening of dance, tease and the bizarre, the show will see some of Australia’s top burlesque performers—including Zelia Rose, Miss Burlesque Australia 2014— enthral audiences at The Basement.

“(The Cooch Tent is) burlesque meets ‘circus carney sass’! You will be transported to a bygone world of glamour, tease, vintage style dance and curious,” says producer Sheena Miss Demeanour.

“It offers a range of 1920s variety show performances including contortion, singing, snake charming and juggling.”

For Sheena, the show is a homage to elements of bizarre performance styles of the 1920s: “(It) was the era of sexual liberation for women… The Cooch Tent is a celebration of that liberation.”

Set against a Jazz background, the music compliments the evening. “(Jazz) can be sexy, quirky and invigorating… it paints the backdrop for styles of dance that were prominent during the era,” says Sheena.

The headlining performers are keeping it fresh, entertaining and wild. Kelly Ann Doll, one of the principals, describes her performance as “the old school tattooed lady, a pocket rocket in a Charleston hurricane!”

“I will be presenting two brand new acts, one with jazz vocals and the other a 1920s floorshow tap dance,” adds headlining performer Zelia Rose.

Leave your inhibitions at home and get ready to revel in some naughty fun! (JR)

July 17. The Basement, 29 Reiby Pl, Sydney. $30-$35. Tickets:

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