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The Book of Kevin

Book of Kevin

Love him or loathe him, Kevin Rudd will be looked back on as an interesting politician and fascinating character. Absent from politics since his election defeat in 2013, he has since fallen out of the public eye – until now.

Writing and performing team Nathan Lantern and Timothy Hugh Govers (who first teamed up for 2014’s Year of the Abbott) have combined their comedic talents to produce a new play focused on Kevin Rudd’s dramatic rise and ultimate fall from power.  The premise is simple, taking place at the fictional book release of Kevin Rudd’s explosive autobiography. Being no stranger to controversy and ego, things do not go as planned and old friends with scores to settle unexpectedly turn up.

Lantern, who in addition to writing plays both Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr, says he has always had a strange fascination with the ex-Prime Minister due to his mixture of celebrity and politician.  While the action is politically motivated, Lantern says that  The Book of Kevin is “not so much about transforming peoples views but more about having a light-hearted laugh at our more eccentric politicians, their  blunders, gaffs and idiosyncrasies”.

The Book of Kevin will be playing in two different spaces as part of the Rocks Pop Up initiative. (BM)

July 16. Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. July 22 – 24. Merchants House, 43-45 George St, The Rocks. $12-$15. Tickets:


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