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Review: Mr Holmes

Mr Holmes

In a film about Sherlock Holmes starring renowned badass Ian McKellan, you might expect a lot of whip-smart sleuthing and detective dialogue.
Well, while there is a little, Mr Holmes is a lot more complex than that. Holmes is now in his 90s, his once-brilliant mind wavering, trying to remember the details of his last case.
The case that was to stop his career has been portrayed wrongly by Watson, and it causes Holmes no end of distress. From his retirement home by the sea, he must try and piece it all together while his memory decays.
The distinction between really remembering and creating a memory based on some details is an interesting one. Senility and the ravages of age are also compelling themes for a film about a man who seems to know everything. McKellan plays both the doddering old man and hyper intelligent detective to perfection.
Star rating: ***1/2