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Review: Legends!

Photo: Jeff Busby

James Kirkwood’s 1986 comedy sees two fading Hollywood starlets trading barbs for two hours, but lacks a definitive knockout blow.

The show stars sisters Juliet and Hayley Mills performing as the lead characters Sylvia Glenn and Leatrice Monsee respectively. Both put in quality performances with lots of charisma and comedic timing, sadly though they are let down by a script which becomes repetitive and lacks any real depth.

Whilst the audience is immediately given clues that the play is set in modern day, references often come across as dated (as a 26-year-old, many of them were lost on me) or the modern references (such as the mention of Kim Kardashian) feel shoe-horned in, rather than genuine.

Production wise, the set design echoes the glamour and pizzaz one would expect from a show centred around Hollywood starlets and the actors make good use of the area and props they are given.

This is by no means a bad show, as there are laughs to be had throughout the production, the biggest of which was reserved for support actor David Denis, but one cant help but feel the show could have been condensed into a more punchy effort.

Star Rating: **1/2

Until Jul 5, Theatre Royal, 108 King St, Sydney, From $79.90+b.f,

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