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Emirates flight from Sydney diverted after bomb scare

Inside QF8419 after it landed in Brisbane. Photo: Dixie Coulton

By Alexander Lewis


An Emirates plane bound for Bangkok from Sydney has been diverted to Brisbane due to the discovery of a “suspect package” on board.

EK419 was diverted at approximately one and a half hours into its flight on Thursday night after flight attendants discovered what turned out to be a concealed mobile phone.

The Qantas codeshare flight landed without incident in Brisbane, where the mobile phone was removed and the aircraft continued its onward journey.

An Emirates spokesperson said the phone had been left behind by a passenger.

Former City of Sydney Deputy Lord Mayor Dixie Coulton, who was on the flight, told City Hub the plane flew just 1200 metres above the ground for about one hour from west of Toowoomba to Brisbane.

“They thought it was a bomb,” she wrote in a text.

“[I’ve] never seen flight attendants so freaked out.”

“[They] gathered all the blankets [and] pillows and put at back of the plane. Took off toilet doors etc [sic].”

Ms Coulton said many of her fellow passengers were demanding to get off the plane following its landing in Brisbane.

“People were vomiting with fear.”

“We’re alive and safe, and apparently going to take off again.”