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Filmed in the haunting beauty of the Norwegian wilderness, this quasi-documentary explores the anxieties of a man who feels detached from his wife and child, trapped in a marriage and who yearns for a new life.

Martin (Ole Giaever) ventures to the mountains for the weekend, a habitual hiking trip he lives for. Disenchanted with life, he contemplates the future – should he start over, divorce his wife and revisit his single life?

Ultimately, he ponders committing adultery to irreversibly change his life from which he desperately needs to escape.

The narrative approach to this film is uniquely alluring, where audiences hear the wayward thoughts traversing Martin’s mind, private thoughts he doesn’t disclose to anybody.

Cleverly scripted, this original and award-winning movie is exquisitely filmed in the outdoors, with mesmerising close-ups of soaring eagles, sunsets and mountain landscapes.

Gratuitous full-frontal nudity pervades the film, and audiences should be amused by the shameless masturbation scene in the wilderness.


Screening at Palace Norton Street & Palace Verona as part of the Scandinavian Film Festival. July 8-26. $19.50. Tickets & Info:


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