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ON VIEW: Live Portraits

On View Live Portraits

ON VIEW: Live Portraits is a unique performance brought to you by Carriageworks and choreographer Sue Healey. It is shown in a two-part exhibition about the wonderful medium of dance. The first piece is a daytime complimentary video artwork which showcases two great leaders in dance, Dame Lucette Aldous and Professor Shirley McKechnie AO. This is free to attend. Healey believes that it is ideal to see both parts to adequately experience the beautiful lineal story.

The main performance piece is a nighttime show of five great dancers. They are displayed as ‘living portraits’ and come to life throughout. Healey purposefully chose the performers and created an unbelievable work on the nature of portraiture. Fresh off her first feature, Virtuosi, Healey moves these contemporary dancers into beautiful works of art. Starring Martin Del Amo, Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock, Raghav Handa, and Nalina Wait; ON VIEW: Live Portraits is a love letter to Australian dance told through video of the history and performance of the future. A live Q&A will be held after the show on July 23. (LB)

July 17 – 25. Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh. $25-$35. Tickets:

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