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Northlane – Node

Returning after a tumultuous period (following the departure of former vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes) that saw the future of the band in doubt, Northlane have reinvented themselves with Node and new vocalist Marcus Bridge.

Rather than attempting to produce a sloppy imitation of their former selves, Northlane have instead chosen to clean up their sound and pursue more melodic post-hardcore vibes. Far from becoming radio friendly purveyors of pop-punk/metal, the band have simply taken a few steps back to best incorporate and accentuate Marcus’ skills. This has been done extremely well and should potentially open the band up to a much wider audience.

Marcus’ vocal work is inevitably going to be the most scrutinised element of the record, but there is nothing to fear. Bridge performs wonderfully, injecting his powerful clean vocals and complimenting the new direction perfectly.

Star Rating: *** 1/2

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