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Legs Electric

More often than not all-girl musical groups fall neatly into the pop genre, but Perth band Legs Electric buck that trend, instead bringing back the energy and electricity of 70s and early 80s rock and roll.

The band came together in 2012 through their common passion for artists such as Pink Floyd, The Who and The Rolling Stones – all of which are bands that Legs Electric drummer Kylie Soans remembers fondly listening to growing up, thanks to her father. It was this early influence, in particular the “crazy, mental” style of Keith Moon that drove Kylie to undertake four years training as a jazz drummer. “After that I didn’t feel there was anything else I could be taught on the jazz side, so I went to play in a bunch of rock bands, everyone I played with was about 20 years older than me because I was a little bit over my level as a 12 year old,” Kylie explained.

After some time performing in different bands with her sister and fellow Legs Electric member Abby, the girls decided it was time to spread their wings and unleash their own creative abilities. Thus came the formation of Legs Electric with flatmate Laura McCormack and finally the addition of lead singer Ama Quinsee. “I found Ama singing AC/DC in a rock and roll pub in Perth when she jumped on stage with a cover band, and [I] went up to her afterwards to tell her she was a great singer and needed to join our band. She was quite busy in other bands at the time, so it took six to nine months of stalking before I got her to come in and listen to our first single Illicit Love, and she was sold instantly,” said Kylie laughingly.

The girls have seen their popularity soar and even secured coveted support slots alongside the likes of Ace Frehley, Uriah Heep, The Baby Animals and The Superjesus. All of this success without ever touring NSW, which they will be conquering this week.

Kylie’s energy and excitement levels beamed through when speaking about the upcoming tour: “We’re so excited, it’s going to be awesome. We’ve played Melbourne a few times but never been to New South Wales and Sydney, so we’re stoked to finally come over.”

The first show at the Sly Fox will be a “great night of maximum rock and roll” before stripping things back for a rare acoustic show at The Beaded Tit.

Kylie assures fans though that “every show is going to be as rock and roll as you can get, we don’t muck around on stage.”

Jul  30, Sly Fox. Aug 2, The Beaded Tit. More Information: