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Set in November 1939, this WWII drama is the incredible true story of George Elser, a German who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler, one of the world’s most feared men.

Elser (Christian Friedel) had a sixth sense about the fuher and claimed “Hitler is bad for Germany”, realising earlier than most of the peril and bloodshed Hitler would bring to Europe.

Elser had personally assembled and planted a bomb, and had it exploded just 13 minutes before Hitler left the scene of the attempted assassination, millions of people would not have perished during the war.

Highly suspenseful and heartfelt at times, this skilfully edited film intertwines flashbacks revealing the events in Elser’s life which led to his desperate mission to eliminate Hitler.

Hitler is seen only in the opening scenes, but his evil prevalence is evident through graphic and disturbing scenes of torture and executions which he ordered.

This film is highly-crafted and spoken in German, which effectively heightens it’s credibility. (MMo)




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