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The Traditional Chip Shop

Although they might not have the weather for it, the British sure do know how to make a decent fish’n’chips. Sure, it’s not exactly ‘catch of the day’ and the menu reads like a DIY heart attack, but it’s a damn good feed. This chippie has a mix of British and Irish specialties like haggis, black pudding and deep-fried Mars Bars. There’s even a deep fried jam sandwich; but if you want to ease yourself in, go for the Cod ($14.95) with hand cut chips. Throw in some Mushy Peas ($2.50) and douse it with vinegar for a bona fide taste of England. The Curry Cheese Chips ($7.50) are a standout – like an Irish poutine, they’re decadent hangover food. Wash it down with an Irn Bru ($3), the ‘national drink of Scotland behind Whiskey’ – basically a sherbet-flavoured soda. The Southern Fried Chicken ($9.95) is more familiar territory; the Irish owners use a family recipe to fire up a really tender piece of chook. Their Scampi ($11.95) is crumbed nicely and ties in perfectly with Pickled Eggs ($1.60). The Jumbo Battered Sausage ($5.95) looks like carnival food to me, but for my ex-pat. dining partner, it’s a delicacy that should be taken seriously – with a good shake of the tomato sauce bottle.

The Traditional Chip Shop
49-55 St. Pauls Street, Randwick
Ph: (1300) 2447 7467
Seafood $

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