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Review: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Russell Brand calls for revolution in this documentary about the disparity of wealth. He focuses on the UK, which has been particularly hard hit by economic inequality in recent times.

A documentary like this makes sense when the neoliberal lie that free market growth will spread to the masses becomes increasingly obvious; especially when in London a cleaner working in the city would have to work for 300 years to make their boss’ yearly salary.

It’s hard to say whether Brand’s guru posturing is self-reflexive or not. He spouts mantras to the screen while MIDI wind-chime sounds happen, and there’s a distinct new-age-Jesus vibe at times.  Whether this is tongue in cheek or a way to spark attention, his message is valid. The way he unashamedly asks uncomfortable questions is occasionally intense, but mostly funny, and definitely necessary. The hilarity of the delivery might just make the message stick, or at least start a dialogue.


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