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Mongrel Mouth Presents: Like Me

Like Me is a mad mayhem of a comedy about the modern era’s narcissistic obsession with social media and the ‘ridiculous consumption of our own image’ – but it is also so much more than that.

Eight hours of theatre is condensed into an hour-and-a-half and eight rooms, over two levels of a 166-year-old, five-storey mansion.

“Unlike promenade theatre, which is where the audience follows the action and the action dictates where you go, we have action happening simultaneously across the house,” explained Duncan Maurice, co-writer and director of Like Me and artistic director and producer at Mongrel Mouth Theatre.

Inspired by the Bouffon clowning technique of French dramatic master Jacque LeCoq (which is ridiculous and mocking in style) this unique performance simultaneously follows a small community of dysfunctional and ego-driven former patients who have overthrown their once pristine treatment centre.

The comedy operates as a process of discovery; the audience has the freedom to wander essentially wherever and whenever they want. Maurice describes the experience to be “much like how we use the internet”… “You can ‘hyperlink’ whenever you want and watch this bit of it, and go to that bit of it, and push forward and run around to the other bit of it, so you are in control of your own experience in that way.”

The Rocks Pop-Up Initiative of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority organised the unique mansion venue. Duncan explained, “they’re really supportive of new art in Sydney and contributing to the landscape of a more enriched cultural way of making art and theatre in Sydney.”

This is the third production from Mongrel Mouth, a group of artists, actors and designers creating original, site-specific theatre with a common goal of working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

June 18 – July 11. Merchants House, 43-45 George St, The Rocks. $20 – $30. Tickets & info:

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