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MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt

Award-winning singer-songwriter and rock-cabaret performer Geraldine Quinn comes to Sydney (with corsets, teasing combs and a succession of impressive, hyphenated titles in tow) to perform for us for the first time in the better part of a decade with her stand-out show MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt.

“My show is about the fact that I am the only child out of seven children in my family who isn’t married and doesn’t have children, and I have 19 nieces and nephews so my brothers, sisters and their various spouses have done a very good job of contributing to the overpopulation of the planet,” says Quinn.

With song titles like ‘The Kid Is Not That Cute’ and  ‘Don’t Put Your ‘Vadge On The Net’, MDMA is inspired from a series of real life conversations and cautionary social media interactions with Geraldine’s family, friends and foes.

This show is not so much a two-fingered salute to those who think that a life is less fulfilled without bearing your own offspring, but a celebration and acknowledgement of the role extended family can play – with tongue firmly planted in cheek and some ‘dick jokes’ to boot.

“Other people’s presumptions of what women are supposed to do and whether or not they do want children become more pronounced the older you get – whereas you just thought you were writing rock cabaret songs, wearing crazy costumes and teasing your hair up and having quite a nice time,” says Geraldine.

June 16 & 17, Hayes Theatre Co, 19 Greenknowe Avenue Potts Point, $35-$40, available as part of the 3 and 5 show package deals for The Hayes Theatre Co Cabaret Season. More info:

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