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Lore by Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bangarra have built a reputation as an amazing Australian dance company whose choreography melds traditional and truly innovative expression. Lore is their latest offering, and features a double bill of stories about the land and sea. They’ve been crafted by established choreographer Francis Rings along with up-and-comers Waangenga Blanco and Deborah Brown.

Tara Gower is a senior dancer at Bangarra, and had this to say about the components of the upcoming show:

I.B.I.S. is.. a lighthearted look at the great people up there and the ins and outs of island life. There’s a bit of traditional in there, too…. It’s a big contrast to Sheok, which is more dramatic.”

Sheok explores the story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from the beginning of time. “The leaves represent our future, the trunk is our present, and the roots are our past. [It’s] life as a circle, where our culture is strong from the beginning.”

Gower has been with Bangarra for 10 years, and says the company know her better than her family do: “We innately have this connection that’s beyond words. We share indigenous blood, there’s an undercurrent there without having to say anything. We can communicate without having to say a word.”

Gower says that the strength of the Bangarra family comes from developing their dance through sharing different experiences.  “Young dancers bring their own bloodlines and artistry…we’re from all over, we always look to see how we can help each other and share.”

NEW DATES ADDED: Until July 4, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point. $31 – $97. Tickets & info: