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Bondi Beach Precinct question ice rink’s cost

Bondi Ice Rink. Source: twitter

By Lydia Watson-Moore


Bondi community representatives have raised concerns over the physical appearance and cost of the Bondi Ice Rink.
Bondi Beach Precinct convenor Lenore Kulakauskas said that while the precinct believes the ice rink is an important community asset the group is unhappy with how the rink appears visually and the lack of profit Council stands to make.
“We’re quite happy with the ice rink, but it depends on where it is, and whether or not we actually end up paying for it,” she said.
Ms Kulakauskas said one issue discussed at the Bondi Beach Precinct’s meeting on Monday June 15 was how the site had been changed from previous layouts.
“This year they’ve put the main generators right in front. Smack bang in the middle of the entrance to the pavilion, which is absolutely ludicrous and they’re extremely noisy as well,” she said.
“This year it looks really ugly, I have to say. When you look at it from the promenade, all you see is this huge black thing wrapped in plastic.”
Bondi Beach Precinct questioned Waverley Council on numerous aspects of the management and location of the ice rink.
When asked about the location, Council told the precinct that the site was the same, but the tent and rink had been switched.
Ms Kulakauskas said the precinct had decided at their meeting on June 15 to pose more questions to council.
“We want these questions answered- do they think it looks good? Do they actually think it’s a good positioning for it?” she said.
Ms Kulakauskas also said the precinct were concerned at the thought that council would not make profit from the event, and that the event promoter was advantaged.
“The promoter makes money, so we should make money as well. What are we doing? We’re paying a promoter to make money,” she said.
But a Council spokesperson told City Hub that the Bondi Ice Rink was an ‘economic activation strategy’, which helped to bring visitors to Bondi in the quieter months.
“Bondi Ice Rink is a feel-good initiative bringing people out of their homes, onto the ice, and into nearby businesses,” the spokesperson said.
Stars on Ice, the event promoter, told City Hub they were unable to comment.



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