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Food News – Clifford Smith Handmade

Flour, butter, sugar, peanut butter, eggs and salt – the reassuring ingredient list of the Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Biscuits [RRP $10/150g] is something your grandmother would recognise, but my Nanna never made biscuits quite like these! Noted food writer and home-cook extraordinaire, Stephanie Clifford-Smith has graciously released the products of her labour to the public, in a boutique range that currently extends from sweet biscuits to pickles. Stephanie tells me: “I started Clifford Smith Handmade as a way to do even more cooking, always my greatest love, but do it on my own terms. I’ve always enjoyed preserving and baking so the chutneys and biscuits were a no brainer. Sure there are lots of these things on the market already but nothing quite like these flavours, being produced in small batches with freshly ground spices.” Her round and complex Indian Eggplant Pickle [RRP $12/330g] leaves a satisfying tingle in the mouth. To fully appreciate the long, satisfying palate length, you will have to still your hand from immediately reaching out for more – no mean feat!

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