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AFTERGLOW: Dining [Uns]-Table

PACT Theatre presents AFTERGLOW, a two show production for emerging artists. Following on from The Great Speckled Bird, the second production is Dining [Uns]-Table. It is a solo piece created and performed by Cloé Fournier, about the dysfunction of family relationships.

The production came about when Cloé pitched her idea to PACT Theatre, she was then invited to be a part of AFTERGLOW. It is a beautifully choreographed piece and a completely solo work.

Dining [Uns]-Table also takes a look at how negative events through your childhood may impact you later in life. The performance seeks to understand this.

Cloé has been highlighted as an emerging artist after several other pieces within the Sydney theatre community, including Erase. Dining [Uns]-Table is a new and unique theatre piece for audiences to view. The performance can be enjoyed as a compliment to the first half of the production, or a stand alone piece. (LB)

June 24 – 27, PACT Theatre, 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville, $15-$20, Tickets & info:


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