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Community group criticise “inadequate” consultation in Rozelle

Sydney Superyacht Marina currently Source:

By Stephanie Hua



Community group Save our Bays has criticised the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for failing to adequately inform the public of amendments to proposed plans for a $30 million redevelopment of the Superyacht Marina in Rozelle.

Approval for the development has already been granted but developers, Sydney Superyacht Marina have applied to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to increase the size of the development among several other design changes.

Save our Bays president Judy Cashmore is opposed to the “Darling Harbour-style entertainment complex” and said residents are concerned that the development has been approved without the public’s voice being listened to or adequate consultation.

“We are particularly concerned that, even before building work starts, the developer wants to make the complex even bigger and noisier,” she said.

“Save Our Bays regards dialogue with the developers as inadequate. We have good reason to have little trust in the process. The current proposed changes are unconscionable – intent on winding the noise and other constraints back to make it bigger and noisier,” said Judy.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Department of Planning and Environment said input from the local community is part of assessing the application and an “integral part of the planning process”.

“… the proponent must respond to the issues raised in submissions. This helps us develop our recommendations,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said it was easy to participate by going online and encouraged the community to take part.

But consultation was not Ms Cashmore’s only concern. She said she is worried about the potential impacts of the marina on Rozelle and its surroundings.

“The development will destroy the peace of one of Sydney’s best-loved parks, Bicentennial Park, where people currently walk, picnic and get married. It will adversely impact on residents. The single biggest issue is noise. The marina is just 250 metres from the park and homes,” she said.

But sales assistant Ruby Chandler from The Local Store in Rozelle is hopeful of the Superyacht Marina.

“The building of the marina can only mean good things for Rozelle. It will bring more people to the area which means more business for The Local Store. There is not a lot of foot traffic around the shop so more people around the area will really help us out,” she said.

The Superyacht Marina redevelopment comprises of two mixed-use buildings, a marine club, accommodation, cafes, restaurants, and a hotel among others. The site is owned by NSW Maritime and is currently being leased to Sydney Superyacht Marina Pty Ltd.

The proposed site of redevelopment sits in Rozelle Bay on James Craig Road, directly opposite Glebe Point.

The project is currently on public exhibition and open to community feedback. Submissions close May 22.

A spokesperson from Sydney Superyacht Marina did not respond in time for publication.

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