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Audiences will be confronted by this intense German drama, which is unconventionally filmed in fourteen long shots at fixed angles.

Maria (Lea Van Acken) is a fourteen-year-old girl who comes from a conservative family who have an unparalleled devotion to their Christian faith, bordering on bizarre and radical.

She believes that to reach heaven she must endure the fourteen Stations Of The Cross as Jesus did on his path to death.

This coming-of-age film is sombre with long monologues, and highlights that obsessive faith can lead to extremist beliefs as it consumes and depersonalizes.

Prevalent themes including religious tolerance, bullying and the hypocrisies of the church translate into an extremely powerful and controversial film. (MMo)


May 13-31, Chauvel Cinema & Norton Street, $19.50, Bookings: Information & Tickets: