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This ambitious Australian sci-fi film is set in the 23rd Century, where 95% of the Earth’s population is living on the poverty line and most jobs are in the perilous fields of interplanetary mining, the military and space exploration sectors.

When a catastrophic accident occurs on a mining station in outer space, a rescue team is deployed to save lone survivor Whit Carmichael (Daniel MacPherson), but a deadly alien force awaits.

This respectable deep space disaster film is not an original concept and is obviously filmed on a smaller budget than its Hollywood counterparts, but is equally as suspenseful and frightening.

Immaculate sets, impressive CGI and good performances from a talented cast should allure and satisfy sci-fi enthusiasts.

Owing to technological advances and changes in movie viewing trends, this film will be readily available digitally from May 8 on many platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Quickflix, Telstra, Foxtel On Demand and Dendy Direct. (MMo)