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Darren Hanlon – Where did you come from?

Pressing play on Darren Hanlon’s newest album, listeners will be greeted by simple, descriptive words in his unaffected voice along with the constant presence of a musical metronome.

Poetic and clear, the lyrics build images for the listener, like a glimpse of an old photo album with nostalgia and long gone memories written all over it.

The Chatanooga Shoot Shoot is one of the bouncier songs and one of the best choices for an accompanying video.

Snippets of story telling place the listener inside the song, moving through a house and a day that has passed, hearing the phone and the traffic in Trust Your Feelings or feeling the breeze in Nothing On My Mind bopping along to the introduction of the banjo.

The thirteen tracks have a constancy of tempo and feeling, that calms the listener and calls their attention without demanding it. (SP)

Star Rating: 2.5

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