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Sammy J took the time to explain his upcoming one night show at The Enmore as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival. He will be performing alongside his puppet counterpart, Randy.

“Randy and I have been working on a TV sitcom for the ABC [airing in June]… This live show is a result of having spent two years taking notes from TV executives. It’s the sort of live show you write after that experience. We’re just doing whatever we want, no filter at all. There’s a whole hour of song, sketch and audience participation. It’s a very silly hour of comedy. After being through that process it’s really nice to be back on stage again and talk directly to the audience.”

“Low brow smutty musical comedy filth is how I would describe our comedy. Live comedy is a very specific joy. There’s no filter, no one in between you and the audience. In this day and age when so many people are just watching Youtube or TV, the experience of being in a live comedy show can never be replaced by that. That’s the most fun thing about being a comedian. Creating a unique night for people”, he says.

Sammy made his first television appearance when he was 15 years old on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, in the final year of the show:
“I’ll never forget standing backstage and seeing Plucka Duck and Daryl Somers. I thought it’s a pinnacle, I’ve made it. I didn’t realise the show would be axed few weeks later. I still deny all responsibility for that,” he jokes. (MS)

May 15, The Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Road, Newtown, $42-$36, Bookings: