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Toni Collette plays Ellie Klug, a 40-something music critic who mostly spends her time stomping around Seattle in a leather jacket looking resigned. Ellie’s high school sweetheart disappeared without a trace when he reached rock star status, and she seems to (ineffectively) deal with this by swilling whiskey at “alternative rock” shows. Also by sleeping with musicians.

Ellie is assigned the task of tracking down her ex, helped by the obnoxious and wealthy Charlie (Thomas Haden Church). Ellie deals with his douchey quips and being made the subject of a documentary in exchange for cash.

Collette does the best she can, but Ellie is a frustrating character who is simultaneously callous and clingy over her musician bangs. Against a gorgeous Washington backdrop of mist and pines, she retraces her old relationship and tries to get it together.


2/5 stars