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Food News – Craft Spirit World

Craft spirits long predate hipsters, Emily Miles, is quick to point out in Craft Spirit World [RRP $39.95]; though our friends boasting “skinny jeans, statement tattoos, and a luxuriant beard” are certainly responsible for their recent resurgence in popularity. In her book, Miles takes the time to define ‘craft’ using descriptors like scale, renegade attitude and honesty (ruling out those sneaky mainstream enterprises who leap upon words like craft and artisan solely for packaging and branding). The bulk of the book is taken up in a spirit-by-spirit, distillery-by-distillery exploration of some of the world’s best craft spirit tipples, complete with information about their processes, photos, tasting notes and websites (so you can buy them). My interest was piqued by Black Cow Gold Top Vodka made from Holstein Friesian cow milk whey, with the curds turned into Cheddar. You’ll also find gin, genever, poitin, moonshine (white whiskey), rum, tequila, mezcal, brandy, absinthe, and there’s even an Aussie distiller in this global collection (I’ll leave you to discover which one). It’s perfect for those who love a good drinkin’ yarn…

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