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Food News – Casa Barilla

It’s Monday night and I’m wondering whether an after-work cooking class at the Casa Barilla Italian Cooking School might have been ambitious. Luckily they get an Aperol Spritz into my hand the second I walk through their Annandale door, along with enough antipasti to prevent me from gnawing my arm off during the class. The kitchen is well equipped, down to TV quality cameras, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the on-bench action. Tonight’s guest chef is Francesco Spataro from Leichhardt’s Aperitivo, one of four Sydney pizzerias to be certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Alongside some clever tips for home pizza making (like adding oil to the dough because you’ll be cooking it for longer in a home oven) the pleasure of this class comes from watching a master work his craft. “You have to let the dough feel that you love it,” espouses Spataro as he gently stretches out his perfect 250g pizzas. We retire to the courtyard where a wood-fire pizza oven on a trailer has been brought in especially. Chefs Series Masterclasses ($50/head) like this one, allow you to add a fourth-dimension to your favourite television cooking shows – one where you can taste, talk and interact with your idols. And if you admire Head Chef Richard Learmonth from Pendolino Restaurant, book in now for May 28…

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