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Riverrun is an avant-garde, up and coming production at Sydney Theatre Company that is highly theatrical and not unlike a rock gig. By one of Ireland’s leading theatre makers Olwen Fouere, it’s adapted from Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce; a book written nearly 100 years ago.

“I’m not doing the book as in I don’t read from it, but I’m doing an aspect of the book, extracting the voice of the river from it and tracing my own journey on it. I used the idea of the voice of the river, the River Liffey that flows through the centre of Dublin, the capital, but it’s all the rivers of the world actually, including the body’s own bloodstream, a torrent of experience using the river as a metaphor. The Irish meaning of the word Liffey is life,” explains Fouere.

Riverrun touches on world politics, the history of the universe and Irish history in an alternative form of communication. “It’s a very challenging text. Best not try to decipher it, more experience it like a piece of music and let it wash over you,” says Fouere. (MS)


Until 11 April 2015. Opening Night: Thursday 12 March 2015 at 8.15pm, Wharf 2, Sydney Theatre Company, Pier4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Box Office: 02 9250 1777.  Tickets: $40 – $55