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FBi Performance Space

Supporting independent music and musicians in Sydney is a challenge that some of us are willing to accept. For more than a decade, the FBi Radio station broadcasts to half a million people, in which 50% of the music is Australian.

FBi Radio and the Jack Daniel’s Future Legends Initiative have come together to allow FBi Radio the opportunity to construct their very own performance space.

Recently opening on February 19th, the performance space has had the likes of TKay Maidza, George Maple and Cloud Control headline and immerse the audience with their music.

“This performance space will support local music and also allow us to have FBi air time, in which we can have live performances on radio,” Music Director Stephen Goodhew said, “As we are a non-for-profit station, we’re very grateful that the Jack Daniel’s Future Legends Initiative have helped us with a musicians dream.”

The Jack Daniel’s Future Legends Initiative is about developing new projects and granting the opportunity for dreams to come true.

“We believe that working with a community radio station that we’re encouraging and helping bands reach their dreams,” Natalia Kowalczyk Brand Manager for Jack Daniels, “This is a perfect partnership.”


FBi Radio is anticipating to utilize this space and empower musicians to play live music. (EV)