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This is the film which the food industry may not want people to see. Insightful and compelling, the health issues relating to sugar are raised by an investigation when a man embarks on a high-sugar diet for 60 days.

Damon Gameau directs and fronts this documentary, consuming foods and drinks with a combined 40 teaspoons of sugar each day and the results are astonishing.

Brilliantly written and researched with fascinating interviews, audiences will be enthralled as mindboggling facts and figures are revealed.

Innovative in its format, this frisky and upbeat documentary doesn’t attempt to distil negativity and hopelessness, but instead aims to spread awareness about the choices we make concerning our diets and the need for change.

With surprise appearances by Hugh Jackman and Stephen Fry, this is the most important and life-changing film you will ever see. (MMo)