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Food News – Smoked

Obsessed with smoke, I picked up a copy of Smoked [RRP $35] by Jeremy Schmid. Being an urban dweller without the backyard space for a proper smoker, I was reassured to find out I could get started with as little as some wood chips (the variety matters), a tray, a baking rack, some tin foil and a heat source.



The book also managed to teach me how to improve my use of store-bought Liquid Smoke, including combining it with cream to make a much more interesting potato gratin. On my list to make next is his Mexican Smoked Corn Salad.



Now if smoking meat at home seems like way too much trouble, you can always get your BBQ brisket fix at The Oxford Tavern in Petersham. Jaime Wirth tells me their smoker; dubbed Black Betty, “usually sells out by 2-3pm on a busy day. The brisket and pork ribs are the most popular, but the pulled pork isn’t far behind.” The new Vic’s Meats Market at Sydney Fish Markets is also producing a ripper smoked brisket roll.

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