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Food News – Planet Popcorn

Rolling around popcorn in my mouth that tastes exactly like corn soup is a bit of a revelation. My mind flicks instantly toward adding it to a dinner party dish to surprise my guests. I attempt to put most of the packet aside, but it is compelling stuff, which is lucky because it’s best consumed quickly, as the flavours fade overnight, becoming more muddy and indistinct. Corn Soup is just the first of six flavoured popcorns sent to me by Taiwanese chain Planet Popcorn, slated to open their first Australian store in Hurstville Westfield on 16 March, 2015. As I eat my way through Original, Coffee, Basil Chicken, Kimchi and Double Chocolate popcorn, I’m impressed – these round balls aren’t rolling in nasty ingredients and they’re fun! My only complaint is when you open the bags, you cut off the English label that tells you the flavour. However I concede, tasting them and working it out may be half the fun. Popcorn lovers take note: the new store will be offering popcorn giveaways from the 16-19 March.

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