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Food News – Bacon Festival

Two words: Bacon Festival. Cuckoo Callay, the whimsical King Street, Newtown café inspired by Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky, have teamed up with Black Forest Smokehouse in Marrickville. The results of their porky partnership are quite epic – eight dishes and two bacon-based beverages – hitting their menu on February 9. Their symphony of swine will include a popcorn chicken and bacon burger made with beer candied bacon, a buttermilk bacon waffle with bacon-caramel ice cream, and a bacon Bloody Mary. My interest was most piqued by ‘The Ultimate Bacon Breakfast’, which boasts no less than five different types of pork, including bacon sausage, bacon steak, and streaky maple bacon. While they’re totally dog friendly and Instagram friendly (down to awarding a fifty buck voucher to the best photo posted each month tagged #cuckoocallay); if you’re looking for vegetarian friendly – not so much this month.

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