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Day For Night

With lots of hairspray, make-up and fun times to be made, the 2015 Mardi Gras festival will be marking its 37th year in Sydney.

And to commemorate this momentous occasion, alongside Carriageworks and Performance Space, the artistic director Jeff Khan will ignite the dance floor with Day For Night.

This performance is an assortment of contemporary arts, music and dance, reflecting the talents of the LGBT community.

“It is important to showcase queer artists in Australia,” Khan says. “This artform that we are unveiling doesn’t stick to traditional forms. It pushes the boundaries and is an art project of the party culture.”

Day For Night will exhibit six major artists including Techa Noble (The Kingpins), high-drag burlesque beauty Emma Maye Gibson aka Betty Grumble, supercool durational performance artist White Drummer, vogue-ing diva Bhenji Ra, Melbourne dance sweetheart Matthew Day, and internationally renowned visual artist Nell.

“Betty Grumble is one performer that spends some time to surprise the audience,” Khan explains.

Audience members should be prepared for the wonders of each performance that the artists have in stall for the night.

Day For Night is a unique, unconventional and will understandably be a night to remember. (EV)

Feb 20-22, Performance Space at Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh, FREE (Exhibition); $35 (Party), 1300 723 038,

Written by Erika Vass