Eat & Drink

Bar Fly: Parsons

3 Kellett Street, Potts Point (02) 8540 6320

That’s a picture of me as a baby,” says Joe, straight-faced, pointing to a black and white photo on the wall of an octogenarian woman. I love this place already. Created by brothers Nick and Joe van der Heide, and their mate Byron Dunn, Parsons is a testament to the Aussie DIY spirit. The boys have built most of the furniture in the bar themselves, learning some hard lessons about upholstery along the way. The result is a warm and welcoming, working-class Australian bar. I try the bar’s signature drink, The Parsons Mistress ($18): a refreshing mix of vodka, elderflower, gin and mint. Meanwhile, it’s only appropriate that my date wraps her lips around The Pornstar ($18), a fruity blend of vanilla vodka, passionfruit, lime and Coco Blanc de Blanc. We share some herbed pork crackling ($4) before inhaling a few five-hour slow-cooked pulled beef brisket sliders with mustard slaw ($6). The future looks bright for Parsons.

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