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Angelina Jolie’s highly anticipated World War II drama Unbroken finally arrives in cinemas and audiences will marvel at this extraordinary true story detailing one man’s resilience to survive.

Lois Zamperini, a man from humble Italian beginnings, became an Olympic athlete and later served America as an army air bombardier. He survived an air crash and floated on a life raft in shark infested waters for an incredible 47 days, only to be incarcerated in Japanese POW camps for two and a half years.

Jolie’s astute directing ability is apparent as she manages to extract optimum performances from the cast. Jack O’Connell who shares an uncanny resemblance with Zamperini is a natural in the lead role.

Japanese Army Corporal Watanabe known as “the Bird”, is a psychotic sadist and is effectively portrayed by Takmasa Ishihara. Audiences will be tormented by the atrocities he commits and his welcome to the prisoners: “You are enemies of Japan and will be treated accordingly…” will long be remembered.

The extreme brutality Zamperini endured and his race against death will shock but ultimately his need to meet and forgive his captors in later years will inspire.

Filmed entirely in Australia, Unbroken is an unforgettable film set in one of the darkest chapters in history and is a resounding experience. (MMo)