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Food News – Oil

When Cobram Estate sent me their whole range of Australian made Cobram Estate Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils, I admit I was quite dubious. I don’t use flavoured olive oil at home – if I want herbs or lemon in a dish, I simply add them fresh. The Cobram Estate Chilli Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil [RRP $5.49/250ml] is quite harsh – it’s nowhere near as fragrant and delicious as adding freshly chopped chillies into your dish. However, after a lot of experimenting, I did find some interesting uses for the others. They’re great in combination for layering flavours on baked vegetables. Try out a combination of Basil, Garlic and Roasted Onion on potatoes or zucchini. Most of them are useful for fast salad dressings, when mixed with vinegar and agave syrup.



They also make a fast finishing oil for breakfast time – the bright Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil suits avocado on toast; while the Basil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil brightens up breakfasts involving tomatoes. What really won me over was the quality of the underlying oil – I buy and use the plain Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil regularly – so the bright Basil Infused and Lemon Infused versions may well have found a new fan.

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