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Candidates fight for Millers Point


The Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwhich, and the Labor Candidate Edwina Lloyd have come to political blows over the residents of the Millers Point social housing community.
Both candidates have been long dedicated champions of the community but an alleged false report from Ms Lloyd led Mr Greenwhich to take to twitter last Wednesday (December 3) to say that she had reached “a disgraceful new low” without mentioning what it was.
Ms Lloyd then posted an email on her website that Mr Greenwhich had sent out to members of the Millers Point community.
“I have just received a frustrating call from a journalist who has told me that the Labor Candidate running against me for the Seat of Sydney is telling media outlets that I am not committed to the retention of public housing in Millers Point,” the letter read.
“This is a desperate lie, and deeply hypocritical coming from the political party that started selling housing in Millers Point, and engaged in a process of eviction by neglect in your area while they were in Government.”
Ms Lloyd told City Hub that she has been open with her views and that she doesn’t reject the idea that Mr Greenwhich doesn’t care.
“I know that Alex has been working very hard for the community, but it’s absolutely no secret that I think that he could be fighting a little bit harder,” she said.
“As a constituent of my electorate, it’s my right to lobby my local Member to do more, and as a candidate it’s my right to push for the best outcome – all of us can be doing better.”
Ms Lloyd was particularly concerned about the last line of Mr Greenwhich’s letter, which read: “I ask that you don’t allow that Labor Candidate for Sydney to use your community for deceptive political point scoring.”
She felt that he was encouraging residents to reject all the work she has done for them.
“It’s beyond arrogant for Mr Greenwhich to assume that he has a monopoly on representing the people of Millers Point,” she said.
“And it’s completely improper for him to tell them that they can only deal with him.”
Mr Greenwhich and Ms Lloyd both have a good rapport with the Millers Point community and both agree in principle that this issue needs to be above politics.
“As I’ve said to anyone who asks, I am committed to fighting alongside residents and with all sides of politics to achieve a good outcome,” Mr Greenwhich told City Hub.
“This isn’t about me, and it isn’t about Alex,” Ms Lloyd said.
“At the end of the day it’s the Miller’s point community who are at stake here and everyone needs to work together to help them stay in their homes.”

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