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The Frida People

After a recent courageous battle with ovarian cancer, Candy Royalle is hopping right back onto the stage with her new, passionate show The Frida People.

A three-way collaboration with the band Sloppy Joe and performer Betty Grumble, the confronting and entertaining show is part poetry, music, movement, burlesque and performance.

“It’s got a very loose narrative,” Royalle says. “It definitely moves through a number of emotions and stories that are loosely linked. It’s about politics, love and sex because they are predominantly what make up the human condition.”

The 90-minute high energy and dynamic production subverts the concept of traditional theatre to present a unique take on performance art.

“It’s a nontraditional show but completely accessible by anyone,” she explains. “It’s a show for anyone who wants intelligent entertainment and wants something a little bit different.”

The show premiered earlier this year at the International Folk Festival to rave reviews. Featuring grotesque burlesque, improvisational music and performance and creative poetry, the unique production both charms and challenges the audience.

“That magic of playing with things in the moment is the creation of true art,” she continues. “And the audience can see that.” (SOC)

Nov 20-27, Seymour Centre Sydney, Cnr Cleveland Street and City Rd, Chippendale, $30-$35,


Written by Shauna O’Carroll