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The Moment of Disappearance – Kate McMillian

Water, its mystery, fecundity and danger is a major thematic thread of Kate Mc Millian’s multimedia exhibit, The Moment of Disappearance.

The artist uses the element as a motif to explore the implications of colonialism and isolation. Her installation consists of several short videos which focus on streams flowing through narrow gulfs, reeds blowing like stringy arms in soft rock pools and a person struggling through the sea. The images are presented in an environment which is itself an island, with flowing curtains and odd, stone formations.

On the central screen a man swims, droplets rain on his head, bubbles swell and surround his arms as they flail, propelling him towards shore. He staggers to the edge, merges into the trees and vanishes.

This is a mesmerising collection accompanied by equally intriguing music which creaks and drips through the space. A profound comment on dispossession, The Moment of Disappearance is an hypnotic experience.

Until Nov 29, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh, FREE,